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The JET cabin was created for people who do not like limitations.
It is ultralight, weighs only 240kg with enough equipment for
free traveling.
It is a cabin for minimalists but equipped in a comfortable place to sleep, gas stove, running water, excellent heating system and
portable toilet. In addition, it has a solar panel and internal charging sockets 12V and USB. While driving, it can be powered from the hook socket.
Durable fibreglass body and low cabin price allow us to go everywhere without fear of high repair costs. Also it does not limit off-road truck capability and a solid door lock and windows on each side allow us to feel safely anywhere.
What more could you want? 

Price: 9674,80EUR+23%VAT tax

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Folding/sliding bed 160x180
seating on both sides 80x55cm cushions each side
single seating place at the back wall 59x40
folding table in the middle
4 windows 400x200 
Back door window
Autoterm 2D heater
on the right back/side wall - kitchen cabinet ca. 60cm long .
Single stove gas cooker
Sink with cold water tap
1x10l fresh water with submersible water pump
50ah battery
60W solar panel with regulator
1x12V socket, USB, battery status display

2x LED light with USB
Portable toilet
bottom lockers along whole lenght on the left and right up to the kitchen cabinet
2 x net mesh pockets.

Length: 2500mm
Width: 1646mm
Height: 1935mm
Floor length: 1426mm


Weight: 240kg

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