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The Aero One Nano - as far as we know the lightest cabin on the market. Pickup camper loaded straight from the ground by one person. The most universal cabin on the market, within 5-20 minutes can become standard hardtop o 4x4 camper.  It's a 4-season cabin, cabin requiring a minimum of care, useful in many professions. 

Price: 9225,00EUR



Exterior walls: monocoque fibreglass with gelcoat layer.

Insulation, wall finishing: composite

Total wall thickness 18mm

Roof tent: waterproof material plus internal insulation, both layers removable.

3x 400x200mm window

Fully removable rear door

Fully removable roof

Cabin weight with camping equipment 170kg:

Weight of an empty cabin with a roof and a roof tent 80kg

Rear door weight 20kg

Weight of camping equipment 70kg

List of camping equipment:

-Autoterm remote controlled 2kw heater, in an external aluminum box,

-2 x external aluminium boxes,

-2 x furniture made of composite + 2x drawer

-2 x EURO container

-1 x removable, double floor.

-1 x gas cartouche stove

-2 x 10l water container

-1 x tap with water pump

-1 x sink

-1 x Porta potti

-1 x 50ah battery

-1 x 60W solar panel with regulator

-bed mattresses 160x200cm

-1 x seating mattress 35x100cm

-1 x 12V socket, USB, battery status display

-2 x net mesh pockets


Weight: 170kg

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